Saturday, 11 August 2012

Chocolate Buffet at G Hotel

As a person who loves chocolates anything to do with chocolates catches my attention right away.  This is exactly what happened when I read about the chocolate buffet at G hotel. I knew immediately that this was something I had to try. That weekend we didn't have any trouble getting our daughters out of the house on time.
The buffet was at the Soy Restaurant on the 1st floor of G Hotel. Approaching the stairway we were greeted by the lovely rich aroma of chocolate which excited my little girls even more. The restaurant has a casual setting which is just perfect for a quick dessert treat.

There were 5 tables of chocolate delicacies. The first was handmade chocolates (from dark, milk and white with different fillings of coconut, pistachio, caramel, orange etc); next cakes, puddings and cupcakes; next was my favorite – chocolate fondue fountain (milk chocolate and white chocolate) with fruits, biscuits, marshmallows etc. next was the desserts served warm like hot chocolate pudding, chocolate strudel, chocolate pizza (sounds interesting doesn’t it? Tasted great too) etc. and the 5th was the Baskin Robbins ice creams.

We were served hot chocolate which smelled heavenly! It looked thick, rich and creamy but unfortunately it was too bitter for my liking. We started off loving every bite of the desserts but somewhere mid way it was becoming a bit monotonous, the chocolate strudel did well in breaking the dull feeling as it had a bit of a bready taste to it. I feel the buffet will be even better if items such as waffles with toppings, chocolate croissants and other bread base desserts are served to break the monotonous feel and having guests coming back for more.
In a nut shell the buffet was good, the desserts tasted great, the service was excellent and we really enjoyed ourselves, especially to see for the first time our daughters sick of chocolates J But that didn’t stop them from running back inside for just one more cookie!
The buffet is on Saturdays from 8pm to 12mn. Cost RM 45 per adult (15% discount if paid by HSBC credit card). Children under 12 free of charge.

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